Time for a new blog from the workshop. This time Stefan picked up the first run of our brand new T8 model. Please follow and like us:

Time for a new blog from the workshop. This is where all our instruments are manufactured. Pictures taken by Angela Fischer. Please follow and like us:

It is time to send a blog from the workshop. Wood choices All our Touch Guitars® U8, U10 and U8 Deluxe models are made of premium quality mahagony wood. With the AU8 model that we developed in 2014 we set the value on local woods. The result was so amazing that we decided to offer different wood choices also for our U8, U10 and U8 Deluxe models. We have several […]

As some of you might know the Touch Guitars® had been developed by Markus Reuter and Ed Reynolds in 2008. The first run of Touch Guitars® was also built by Ed Reynolds. Since this time we constantly searched for the best luthier to build our high quality instruments in Europe. We finally discovered a small workshop in Innsbruck, Austria, led by Markus Kirchmayr. Since 2010 all instrument are made by […]

Hello, We’ve been very busy in 2014 and created a new model, the wonderful AU8 semi-acoustic 8-string touch guitar. See the pictures below. We take orders as of now. Please follow and like us:

Hello, We’ve kept busy in the last couple of months. In addition to adding content to this website and the Facebook page (mostly galleries of older and just-completed instruments) there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Please follow and like us:

Hello, Welcome to the very first update on the newly launched website. We’re aware it’s not perfect, so we’ll keep working on it. We’re excited to show you a few photos from the finishing process of a U8 with a very special unique custom color. It’s a light blue base with color-changing pink/gold powder in the clear. We’re planning to put a white pickup on this guitar, which will be […]