Joel Gilardini (b. 1983 in Montagnola, Switzerland) is an experimental guitarist, based in Zurich, Switzerland. He is involved in various projects, touching diverse aspects and attitudes, ranging from ritual jazzcore/post-metal to groovy ambient loops and up to high driven crossover-avantgarde or even full industrial-noise vibes.

Joel GilardiniThe debut EP “Beloning To Nowhere” his solo-project “The Land Of The Snow” (on swiss label Altrisuoni Records) is a kind of artistic collective work, featuring 2 videos by visual artist Petulia Mattioli (who worked with musicians such Bill Laswell, Nils Petter Molvear, Eraldo Bernocchi, Thomas Fehlmann, and many more), artworks by Karyn Crisis (former singer of Crisis and now Ephel Duath) and was produced together with Andi Pupato (ex-Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin).
Joel also plays as a solo‐performer and opening‐act for Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin on regular basis in Zurich clubs.

His approach to the U8 originated from the fascination for extended range and baritone guitars. Due to the nature of the U8 and its playing techniques, Joel has now in his hands an effective new tool to further research and expand his sonic territories.

Current projects/bands:
– The Land Of The Snow (experimental-jazzcore-metal)
– Mulo Muto (improvised noise/doom metal)
– Live-ambient improvisations/instant composition based on live-looping techniques

The Land Of The Snow:
Mulo Muto:
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