Michael Koch is a touch guitarist from Worms, Germany.

Michael Koch

Michael (alias BiusK) is a touch guitar addict since he fell in love with the prototype of the U-10 – which has been used by Markus Reuter & Tony Levin for the recording of their masterpiece DEEP. He tried out a lot of different tap-guitar types in advance before he decided to hold onto the U-10. His approach to this kind of instrument is an urge to create modern sounds and fresh Rock-Music. He’s an Experimental-Rock-Addict as well. So it seems to be not surprising that he’s still in love with Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, and the most of the Crimson family, but also Pink Floyd. Nowadays he connects to such bands like Animals as Leaders and for sure to Stick Men or the Sons of Troy.

Currently he’s creating sounds, music and songs with his trio, featuring Volker and Andreas, which are friends to him since a very long time. The band is called BiusK – The Physical Spaceship.


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