MÖBIUS – that’s Volker Schuhmacher (E-Guitar + Synths), Michael Koch
(U-10 Touchguitar) & Andreas Fuchs (Drums).

Möbius - Angeriff der Vintegainer

The bands current release ANGRIFF DER VINTAGEIANER (Attack of the Vintage People) is about the past, the present and a possible future of musical life – a kind of audio drama with a lot of music inside and surely a fine portion of humor. It tells the story of the Spaceship MÖBIUS featuring the main characters Cpt. Biusk, Mr. Shock and the engineer AF who are coming back to earth after a very long time. After their arrival they got to recognize that the whole musical life on earth has been undermined and is now controlled by the so called Vintage People. The crew is struggling very hard – but in the end they have to accept that their fight has been lost before it had begun…

The music of MÖBIUS is a kind of contemporary Progressive-Rock – featuring a lot of different influences, carried by a very modern sound including a lot of electronics. Some of the themes are well
known pieces in different arrangements – most of the songs have been composed and produced by MÖBIUS.


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