Newly introduced in 2015 is the semi-acoustic custom order 8-string model AU8. It’s a completely handmade hollow body guitar with one magnetic pickups and piezo pickups for each string that can be balanced individually. Only local central European woods are being used.



On the pictures you see an instrument mad of walnut (body), spruce (arched top), maple (3-piece neck) and plumwood (fretboard and headstock overlay).

The AU8 is even more dynamic than the U8 and has a very full acoustic sound that is unique in the touch style instrument world.





  • – Sperzel Locking Tuners
  • – 8 strings
  • – semi-hollowed body
  • – Custom Bridge with separate Graph Tech piezo pickup for each string with string through body system
  • – Jim Dunlop Straplock System
  • – Active Richter Engineering Custom with 2-band EQs for magnetic and piezo, every string volume for the piezo can be adjusted inside the instrument
  • – Delano SBC Series Pickup, Custom Graph Tech piezos
  • – Controls: volume, pickup blend, Bass & Treble for Piezo, Bass & Treble for Magnetic
  • – 34″ (86 cm) scale length
  • – Bb F C G D A C D (any tuning is possible)
  • – Handmade in Austria/Germany
  • – Custom tailpiece
  • – Damping system on 1st fret; extremely well balanced (stays in all positions) Custom shaping for leg and belly to improve comfortability

Since the AU8 is our flagship model, all wood choices, knobs and finishes will be chosen according to prior agreement with the customer.