It is very important for me to get into a dialog with our customers, and that’s why you won’t find definitive answers, prices and matter-of-fact lists here. However, here is most of the relevant info. As of August 2013  we have 3 solid-body models available. In 2015 we added the AU8, a semi-hollowed model with additional piezo pickups.

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U10dsc3273 AU815_AU8


The mahogany (bodies and necks) and ebony (fretboards) we use is FSC certified, and we have the plan to switch to local European woods in the long term. BTW, each instrument is being hand-built with the person in mind that is going to be playing it.

We have personal relationships with companies providing labour and parts for our instruments: Our self-designed bridge is made of aluminum and brass by ETS® , we use Sperzel locking tuners, the Dunlop Straplok® System, Delano and BassCulture pickups, and electronics by Richter Electro Engineering.


Tuning and string gauges (i.e. string tension) have a huge influence on the playability and the sound of the instrument, and there’s a wide range of personal preferences. Each choice has its pros and cons that I would like to personally discuss with you. My preference (very low 5ths tuning with light gauge bottom strings and medium top string gauges) might not be yours, but my experience may provide a starting point for you to discover what works best for you, and I’m happy to share to lead you through the process.

Please contact me personally at if you think I can help you.

Markus Reuter


p.s. You can find many galleries on this website, as well as videos and music releases that feature our instruments. I will also post the occasional blog update.