The U10 instrument is of the same build quality as the U8 deluxe, and also hand-made, but feature simplified designs in order to allow for lower pricing. So there is only one pickup position (passive), a slightly smaller body without elaborate shaping, and simpler finishes.

dsc3278_0The 10-string models are also reflecting the philosophy that it’s one self-contained full-range instrument, and not separate “bass” and “guitar” sides combined but it allows for the output of the two “sides” of the instrument separately. Generally speaking, U10 instruments feel like baritone guitars, and are smaller and lighter than any regular bass guitar, even though they have a 34″ scale length.




  • – Sperzel Locking Tuners
  • – 10 strings
  • – ABM Custom Bridge with string through body system
  • – Ebony Fretboard
  • – Solid Mahagony Body
  • – Mahogany Neck
  • – Natural Clear or Sunburst Finish *
  • – Jim Dunlop Straplock System
  • – Touch Guitars® custom pickups made by Bassculture
  • – Controls: Volume, Volume
  • – 34″ (86 cm) scale length
  • – Stereophonic (switches to mono automatically when only one plug is inserted)
  • – D G C F Bb  | C G D A C (any tuning possible)
  • – Handmade in Austria/Germany
  • – Damping system on 1st fret; extremely well balanced (stays in all positions)

* All colors and finishes will be chosen according to prior agreement with the customer.