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Chris Herb – Death To False Techno

“I hear the beat in a techno way, I feel the power rolling on the floor ’cause only one thing really sets me free True Techno, loud as it can be!”

Sylvain Bayol

Sylvain Bayol is a French sound designer and composer in several musical styles. Electronic music, électroacoustique, minimal music, rock, concrete music, experimental, soundscapes…After playing the Chapman Stick and the Warr guitar, he now uses the U8 Touchguitar with computer and different electronic devices for his new source of playing and treatments.

Stefan Huth

Stefan Huth (*1983 in Moers, Germany) is a touchguitarist / composer from Kerken, Germany. Stefan started playing the piano at the age of six and is playing touch instruments since 13 years in various musical styles. His roots are based in progressive rock and heavy metal but through the years he learned and played a

Alain Pinero

Alain uses the Touch Guitar U8 because it is a very fine instrument, which is very suitable for his style of playing and performing, it has a great playability and its balance of tone and sound. Alain is able to play subtle passages with confidence… and joy! At the age of eight Alain began playing

Chris Herb

Christopher Herb (*1986 in Neuss, Germany) is a musician from Berlin, Germany. Originating in rock and metal music, he reaches out to many other styles like jazz and electronica resulting in a ‘progressive rock’ style in its very true meaning. Chris brings his experience as a live performing electric bassist and a writer on electric