Touch Guitars® Introduction Videos

Check out the latest videos Markus Reuter and Stefan Huth did. Markus explains the History and first steps in creating these awesome instruments and Stefan did some sound demos. The Channel will also be expanded regularly. Please subscribe if you are interested.   https://www.youtube.com/user/touchguitars

The Crimson ProjeKCt – Live 2013

Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico – Teatro del Estado King Crimson – Discipline (1981) Elephant Talk

Erik Emil Eskildsen – Live in Innsbruck

Erik Emil Eskildsen – Live in Innsbruck from Touch Guitar Circle on Vimeo.  

‘Older than God’ Episode: Touch Guitars®

“OLDER THAN GOD is a non-linear documentary film project that explores the creative life of musician & composer Markus Reuter.” My friend Lee Fletcher started this documentary a few years ago, and so far only 6 episodes have been released. This particular one here is about the beginnings of Touch Guitars® and the U8. OLDER

Stick Men – Big Dog

Stick Men – Big Dog, Live at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock. Excerpt from the 64-minute film ‘A little deeper’ by Jack Casadone. From Stick Men’s upcoming ‘Deep’ 2-disc CD/DVD edition. Filmed, directed and edited by Jack Casadone Recording and mixing engineer: Robert Frazza   Stick Men – Big Dog, Live at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock from Unsung


Written by Markus Reuter, July 1997 Performed by Alexander Dowerk & Markus Reuter, August 2010 This piece is an arpeggio study across 7 strings with the fingers strictly alternating between the R and L hand. In addition to the co-ordination and stretched positions of the fingers, the most challenging aspect is that all notes are