AU8 – cedar, koa, bog oak

Now sth. very special. This is the latest incarnation of the AU8.
This guitar features Cycfi Research Inc. multichannel pickups and an XR monophonic pickup combined with their tone block, which can kind of imitate other guitar pickups. This pickup system is enhanced by eight Graph Tech Guitar Labs piezo pickups. The volume of each string can be adjusted internally. Each pickup system (magnetic and piezo) has its own 2-band equalizer and both can seamlessly blend into each other with the blend knob.
To finish this amazing looking design with a koa top and semi-hollow western red cedar body Sperzel Guitar Tuners made some tuners they call “bumblebee” with gold and black.
The fretboard is around 6000years old. It is bog oak.
We did a custom maple inlay by hand to match the look. Who knows what it is?
This guitar will be presented at this guitar at this years Guitar Summit for the first time. Be there!
• western red cedar body • koa top • high gloss natural finish • 3-piece western red cedar/bog oak/western red cedar neck with carbon rods • bog oak fretboard • Sperzel Custom tuners black/gold • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Cycfi Nu Multi Multichannel pickup • Cycfi Spectra XR with tone block • Graph tech piezo system • Controls: Volume / blend / bass magnetic / treble magnetic / bass piezo / treble piezo • Tuning: Bb F C G D A C


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