Based on the original 2008 Touch Guitar prototype, this is the foundational Touch Guitar and the instrument used most often by Markus Reuter himself (both onstage and on record). It brings together over twenty years of knowledge and perspective on touchstyle playing and instrumentation.

The U8 Deluxe features elaborate ergonomic shaping, a double pickup arrangement, and state-of-the-art active electronics including built-in EQ controls (adding to the instrument’s potential for generating an endless range of sounds).

As with all Touch Guitars®, construction and finishing options (from wood types used through to custom paint and varnish) are discussed with and chosen by the customer, as part of the custom-creation process. In addition, the body of the U8 Deluxe is specifically shaped and contoured to the body type of the individual customer, to optimise comfort and playability. There is now also the option for a semi-hollow body option.

In this short series of videos, Stefan Huth explains the basic features of the U8 Deluxe. Unless otherwise stated, all sound produced are basic D.I. signals recorded through a Phil Jones bass amplifier (with flat EQ and no additional processing).


  • 34″ (86 cm) scale length (smaller and lighter than a regular bass guitar, similar feel and heft to a baritone guitar)
  • Extremely well balanced (stays stable in all playing positions)
  • Body: solid body, made from FSC-certified wood; option of semi-hollowed body available (default wood options: mahogany, cherry, swamp ash, maple or ash – other options available on request)
  • Neck: FSC-certified wood with five-point bolt-on construction, plus two graphite rod inserts to enhance stability (default wood options:  3-piece maple, mahogany or korina – other options available on request)
  • Fretboard and headstock overlay: FSC-certified wood (default wood options: ebony, walnut, maple or plumwood – other options available on request)
  • 8 strings with default tuning of Bb F C G D A C D (although any tuning is possible)
  • Touch Guitars® Locking Tuners
  • ABM Custom Bridge with string-through-body system
  • Jim Dunlop Straplock System
  • Damping fabric on 1st fret (can also be removed easily if necessary)
  • Pickup: 2x Touch Guitars® Custom Series Pickup by Harry Häussel (“modern” soapbar style pickup) 
  • Active Richter Engineering Custom Electronics
  • Controls: volume (pull for passive mode), pickup blend, mid frequency, parametrical 3-band EQ for active electronics (treble, mids, bass)
  • Custom shaping at contact points with player’s leg and abdomen, to improve comfort
  • String spacing: 10,4 mm
  • Finish: default natural clear or sunburst finish (with any other paint and varnish option available via individual arrangement with customer)
  • Handmade in Austria/Germany


5600 EUR (excluding German VAT)


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