Artists playing our Touch Guitars®

Tony Levin

Bass player Tony Levin is a living legend. His most notable bass playing albums and tours have been with: Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Buddy Rich, Peter Frampton, Gotye, Carly Simon, Judy Collins, Paula Cole, Chuck Mangione, Steven Wilson, James Taylor, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe.  Solo albums: World

Markus Reuter

Markus Reuter (b.1972 in Lippstadt, Germany) is a composer, record producer, performing musician, educator and psychologist whose career has received international recognition. Reuter played several instruments as a child and began composing at the age of thirteen. In his teens, Reuter studied music history, theory, and analysis with Karlheinz Straetmanns, a composer in the lineage of

Jordan Rudess

Jordan is well known as the keyboardist of “Dream Theater” and “Liquid Tension Experiment“. He was recognized by his 2nd grade teacher as an exceptional piano player, and was immediately given professional tuition to enhance his prodigious talents. By the age of nine he entered the prestigious Julliard School of Music Pre-College Division for classical

Andre Müller (aNDREmu)

André Müller, a.k.a. aNDREmu, was born in Switzerland and moved on to live and work in Vienna in 1997. He is a multi-instrumentalist (Chapman Stick, electric bass, piccolo bass, piano, guitar) and a composer. Today he focuses mainly on the rather “exotic” Touch Guitar. As a virtuoso player, aNDREmu is exploring the full sonic range

Stefan Huth

Stefan Huth (*1983 in Moers, Germany) is a touchguitarist / composer from Kerken, Germany. Stefan started playing the piano at the age of six and is playing touch instruments since 13 years in various musical styles. His roots are based in progressive rock and heavy metal but through the years he learned and played a

Frank Heim

Frank Heim was born in Karlsruhe, germany. At the age of 13 he started to play bass, inspired through bands like Guns N Roses, Nirvana and Metallica. Through his first bass teacher he discovered many styles of music. Metal, funk, jazz, classical music as well as progressive rock … everything was inspiring to the young

Oscar Robles Diaz

Originally from Mexico City, Oscar Robles is a musician currently based on Vancouver Island, Canada. He has toured in South America, North America, and Asia. His studies in music began on the acoustic guitar at a young age, and from there he went on to study classical guitar at Mexicos’s National Autonomous University (UNAM). As

Alexander Dowerk

Alexander Paul Dowerk is a music producer, composer and touch guitarist from Germany. The Berlin-based musician combines the sound and energy of modern, progressive metal with the compositorial depth of contempory classical music. The result is a complex and powerful interplay of body and mind. The Touch Guitar is Alexander’s weapon of choice in mastering

Erik Emil Eskildsen

Erik Emil Eskildsen is an experimental guitarist and composer from Denmark specialised in free improvisation.When performing he uses a combination of his guitar, effect pedals and laptop, to create instant compositions in the form of evolving textural layers of sound. With the use of realtime audio processing and live looping, he generates sounds veryunlike those normally

Cedric Theys

Cédric Theys is a French musician and producer currently living in Austin TX. After playing bass and guitar for close to 20 years, he started using the touch guitar exclusively in the last few years, for soundscapes, experimental & progressive electronic rock. He uses the instrument with guitar and bass techniques as well as touch

Jaakko Peltonen

Jaakko Peltonen (b. 1986 in Helsinki, Finland) is a musician and luthier currently based in central Finland. Jaakko started off with drums as 8-year old and made music throughout his childhood. He later gravitated to bass. After a number of years studying musicology at university he switched to studying bass guitar and upright bass at