As with the U8 Deluxe, the U8 is based on the original 2008 Touch Guitar prototype. It features a simplified design at a lower price. This model is a well-crafted instrument manufactured to high standards. It is more suitable for entry-level touchstyle playing, while remaining entirely appropriate for professional performance as well.

The U8 has a slightly smaller body than the U8 Deluxe and features less elaborate shaping, a single pickup arrangement, and passive electronics with simplified controls and a monophonic output (reflecting the core design philosophy that it’s a self-contained full-range instrument rather than one with separate “bass” and “guitar” sides). 

Because of fantastic partnerships with new guitar builders and new suppliers we can now offer an entry level version of our original U8 design.

Markus Reuter playing the U8


  • 34″ (86 cm) scale length (smaller and lighter than a regular bass guitar, similar feel and heft to a baritone guitar)
  • Extremely well balanced (stays stable in all playing positions)
  • Body: swamp ash or alder with pickguard
  • Neck: 3-piece maple
  • Fretboard: maple, rosewood or ebony
  • 8 strings with default tuning of Bb F C G D A C D (although any tuning is possible)
  • Touch Guitars® Locking Tuners
  • Hipshot Bridge with string-through-body system
  • Jim Dunlop Straplock System
  • Delano SBC Series Pickup
  • Controls: volume, tone, passive toneblend control
  • Damping fabric on 1st fret (can also be removed easily if necessary)
  • String Spacing: 10,5 mm
  • Finish: high gloss, satin, metallic (different colors available on request)
  • CNC made in central Europe

2600 EUR (excluding German VAT)


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