Possessing eight or ten strings and covering a range of just over five octaves, Touch Guitars® are highly dynamic universal instruments. They function equally well in melodic or chordal roles and are more than capable of performing both functions simultaneously. Crucially, although Touch Guitars® are specifically designed for the polyphonic two-handed touchstyle approach (familiar from the work of Michael Hedges, Tony Levin, Eddie Van Halen, Stanley Jordan, Tosin Abasi, Trey Gunn and many others, including Markus himself) they are equally suitable for all other existing guitar, bass guitar and lute techniques – plectrum picking, fingerpicking, strumming, slapping and beyond.

These are the main features:
  • Touch Guitars® U8 and U10 Standard model with pickguard, original design by Markus Reuter
  • CNC-made in Central Europe
  • Lightweight, perfectly balanced
  • High quality hardware
  • Transparent, modern pickup
  • Passiv electronics 

U8 has our basic 5th tuning:
Bb F C G D A C D (ask for custom tunings)

U10 is available with the following tunings:
5th/5th -> D G C F Bb / C G D A C
5th/4th -> E A D G C / F# B E A D

Because of fantastic partnerships with new guitar builders and new suppliers we can now offer an entry level version of our original U8 and U10 design. All instruments are made in central Europe.

Please note: We are not able to offer ebony fretboards anymore. 

The order process

After filling out the preorder form we will check all specs and might contact you for clarification. After that you will receive an invoice for your custom guitar. We ask for a 1000€ downpayment to start the build. The remaining amount needs to be payed when the instrument is ready to ship. Production takes about 4 months.

*pricing excl. German VAT if applicable

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