‘Older than God’ Episode: Touch Guitars®

“OLDER THAN GOD is a non-linear documentary film project that explores the creative life of musician & composer Markus Reuter.” My friend Lee Fletcher started this documentary a few years ago, and so far only 6 episodes have been released. This particular one here is about the beginnings of Touch Guitars® and the U8.

OLDER THAN GOD – Touch Guitars® 0.1 from Unsung Productions on Vimeo.

Featuring on-screen contributions from collaborators past and present, extensive interviews with Markus himself, and unique fly-on-the-wall footage the film casts new light on this multifaceted artist from a multitude of perspectives.
Originally envisaged as a feature-length film the project (a zero-budget independent production filmed and edited by musical collaborator Lee Fletcher) lay untouched for 18+ months whilst audio productions took precedence. However in September 2012 the pair reconceived the film as a series of concise chapters, or webisodes, each focusing on a particular theme. The series is expected to run for many months and will doubtless evolve over time.
Potential future spin-offs include a soundtrack album and eventual DVD release when the web series is complete.
– – – – – –
Direction | Cinematography | Editing: Lee Fletcher (an Unsung Production)
Featuring: Markus Reuter & Renée Stieger-Reuter


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