U8 Custom

U8 Custom

As with the U8 Deluxe, the U8 Custom is based on the original 2008 Touch Guitar prototype, but features a simplified design. This model is a well-crafted high-specification instrument more suitable for entry-level touchstyle playing, while remaining entirely appropriate for professional performance as well.

The U8 Custom has a slightly smaller body than the U8 Deluxe and features less elaborate shaping, a single pickup arrangement, and passive electronics with simplified controls and a monophonic output (reflecting the core design philosophy that it’s a self-contained full-range instrument rather than one with separate “bass” and “guitar” sides). 

As with all Touch Guitars®, construction and finishing options (from wood types used through to custom paint and varnish) are discussed with and chosen by the customer, as part of the custom-creation process.


Markus Reuter playing the U8 Custom


  • 34″ (86 cm) scale length (smaller and lighter than a regular bass guitar, similar feel and heft to a baritone guitar)
  • Extremely well balanced (stays stable in all playing positions)
  • Body: solid body, made from FSC-certified wood; option of semi-hollow body available (default wood options: mahogany, cherry, swamp ash, maple or ash – other options available on request)
  • Neck: FSC-certified wood with five-point bolt-on construction, plus two graphite rod inserts to enhance stability (default wood options: 3-piece maple, mahogany or korina – other options available on request)
  • Fretboard and headstock overlay: FSC-certified wood (default wood options: ebony, walnut, maple or plumwood – other options available on request)
  • 8 strings with default tuning of Bb F C G D A C D (although any tuning is possible)
  • Sperzel Locking Tuners
  • ABM Custom Bridge with string-through-body system
  • Jim Dunlop Straplock System
  • Default pickup: 1 x Delano SBC Series Pickup in neck position
  • Alternative pickup option (on request): 1 x Touch Guitars® Custom Series Pickup by Harry Häussel (two standard choices – “modern” soapbar style pickup or “vintage” pickup based on 1970s Jazz Bass; other options available on request)
  • Controls: volume, tone, passive toneblend control with push/pull single-coil split
  • Damping fabric on 1st fret (can also be removed easily if necessary)
  • String Spacing: 10,4 mm
  • Finish: default natural clear or sunburst finish (with any other paint and varnish option available via individual arrangement with customer)
  • Handmade in Austria/Germany


4900 EUR (excluding German VAT)

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