THE|SPUR. – “Rebirth”

THE|SPUR. – impressive, progressive, technically demanding music with electrifying and passionate performance. The band establishes ties between classic, melodic progressive rock music biased towards heavy metal rudiments and modern, song-oriented, technically complex approaches. Superior melodic sections and almost frantic instrumental outbreaks don’t interfere with the pure structures and diverse harmonies.

When Stephan Schroth (drums) brought neatly arranged song material and teamed up with Stefan Huth (touch guitar) in 2012, the direction was already set – ”This has to be a live act!” Within a few years THE|SPUR. had become a mature quintet, going on to produce the debut album Rebirth.

The concept album Rebirth is THE|SPUR’s first release. The story of the world in the year 2040 is conveyed by ingenious song-writing skills and a coherent lyrical concept.

Orchestral arrangements and multi-layered instrumental highlights keep alternating, with Volker Praß‘s Gabrielesque voice riding the musical crest. Both traditional metal riffs and virtuosic soloing blend in with catchy hooks and choruses. Brazilian Jean Michel‘s amazing artwork finally tops off the overall work.


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