My objective is to provide instruments that will not only help individuals develop their playing techniques, but also encourage new players into the fold.We want to see a wider public awareness and acknowledgment of this instrument group, and in turn many more regular players, thus increasing the available repertoire of touch-style music.

Company Overview


Markus Reuter

Photo by Alexandra Galeano Caycedo — with Markus Reuter at ND Teatro.

Founded by accomplished guitarist Markus Reuter, Touch Guitars® has been created to fill a void within the global guitar market.

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Touch Guitars ® and it’s associated products are not affiliated with ‘Dave Bunker’s Touch Guitars’. Dave has been producing unique two-handed touch style/tapping instruments since 1955, current details of which can be located at: bunker-guitars dot com

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Our unique instrument design makes Touch Guitars® the perfect choice for beginners and connoisseurs alike. The ergonomic form of these guitars encourages all players to fully realise their potential.

Touch Guitars® produce instruments that are ideal for the playing technique, whilst carefully avoiding the trappings of unnecessarily eccentric design.

Key features include:

Playability / versatility / lightweight / first-class manufacturing (build quality that can be trusted) / classic look & finish

The Designers:

Markus Reuter is a musician, producer, psychologist & instructor who has been playing touch guitars since the early 1990s. He travels the world extensively in his professional life, and consequently meets hundreds of players; enabling him to examine a broad range of techniques and playing styles. Markus has developed a systemised approach to playing touch guitar, which he calls “The family”. This method is routinely passed on to fellow players at regular tapping courses.

Ed Reynolds is an outstanding luthier from Austin, Texas. In addition to his credentials as a highly talented craftsman Ed is regularly employed as a consultant for a number of renowned guitar companies including Collings, Lakland, and Bartolini. Ed has worked closely with Markus on the U8, helping facilitate his vision for Touch Guitars by building the prototype and going on to produce the initial commercial models.