AU8 – cedar, walnut, zebrano

We are so happy to announce the very first updated semi-hollow AU8. There is a lot of stuff happening on this instrument beside this beautiful walnut body, cedar top and zebrawood fretboard and bridge. Let me try to summarize:

Cycfi Research Inc. Nu Multi Pickup which allows to process each string separately through a breakout box which also has access to the Roland GK world for the upper six strings.

– Cycfi Spectra XR V2 pickup. A full range pickup which character can be changed with a small tone block on the back. You want it to sound like a strat or paula? Just find your setting, set it and forget it. (the two white knobs in the electronics compartment)

Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ghost Piezo pickups connected to a custom made piezo preamp by Richter Engineering that can set the volume of each string seperately.- Two custom 2-band-eqs for Piezo and Spectra Pickup and a blend knob that can seamlessly blend between piezos and magnetic pickup.

– Whole body is 3D shaped like the S8 and it has a multiscale from 35″ to 33″ with a parallel fret at the 9th.

The instrument was build for our long time customer Leibeck Jacob of Death Mountain. Check him out.A lot of new things that will open a lot of questions I think. Just post it in the comments. What do you think?

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• walnut body • high gloss natural finish • 3-piece western red cedar/walnut/western red cedar neck with carbon rods • zebrawood fretboard • Touch Guitars® Custom tuners black • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Cycfi Nu Multi Multichannel pickup • Cycfi Spectra XR with tone block • Graph tech piezo system • Controls: Volume / blend / bass magnetic / treble magnetic / bass piezo / treble piezo • Tuning: Bb F C G D A C D


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