T8 – walnut, swamp ash, plumwood

Custom as custom can get – this guitar is strange. For this build Trey Gunn was asking to have a wider neck. He’s mainly playing it on his lap like a lapsteel position. He asked for some “meat” to rest his thumbs on the side of the neck so we took a 10 string neck and added eight strings the way that there is some space on the neck next to the low Bb. It was a tough challenge.

Beside the multiscale on this neck we also had to deal with an offset position of the bridge and a new headstock design for the wider neck. We also added round tuning pegs to make it more comfortable to tune from the top. Anyway the balance on a strap is still perfect. Regarding the electronics he asked for Cycfi Research Inc. Nu Multi multichannel pickups and a Spectra XR with a tone block. Since the Nexus breakout box is also midi capable we added two custom midi sliders which allow the player to see the positions of the slider settings.

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• swamp ash body • walnut top • satin finish • 3-piece maple/walnut/maple neck with carbon rods • plumwood fretboard • Touch Guitars® Custom tuners black with round tuning peg • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Cycfi Nu Multi Multichannel pickup • Cycfi Spectra XR with tone block • Controls: Volume / 2x midi sliders • Tuning: Bb F C G D A C D


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