Written by Markus Reuter, July 1997

Performed by Alexander Dowerk & Markus Reuter, August 2010

This piece is an arpeggio study across 7 strings with the fingers strictly alternating between the R and L hand. In addition to the co-ordination and stretched positions of the fingers, the most challenging aspect is that all notes are meant to be sustained for as long as possible.

Prelude from Touch Guitar Circle on Vimeo.

In the context of ‘The Family’, ‘Prelude’ is considered a ‘Black Sheep’, i.e. the techniques used and needed to play the piece are partly opposed to the principles introduced by the basic Family members Son, Daughter, Mother and Father.
The guitars are tuned in the standard 8-string fifths tuning used by the current members of the Touch Guitar Circle (pitches given from bottom to top): Bb F C G D A C D

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