In over 20 years of live playing and intense studying, Markus Reuter has developed a systematic approach to playing the Touch Guitar that he calls “The Family”.

It consists of a set of interrelated exercises that facilitate ergonomic, relaxed performance while covering all aspects of playing the fretboard.

The Family is constantly being discussed, revised and developed in the Touch Guitar Circle, a group of dedicated players working together in seminars and at a distance.

Seminars and personal meetings are the best way to get acquainted with the technique as they allow for a one-on-one supervision from the beginning. After a first such meeting, lessons may also be held via video chat. If a meeting in person is not at all possible, lessons may be held at a distance from beginning.

For information, scheduling and to get on our mailing list please write to Tobias Reber at info@markusreuter.com.

The Touch Guitar Circle website is at www.touchguitarcircle.com.




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