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Markus Reuter

Markus Reuter (b.1972 in Lippstadt, Germany) is a composer, record producer, performing musician, educator and psychologist whose career has received international recognition. Reuter played several instruments as a child and began composing at the age of thirteen. Projects / Bands In his teens, Reuter studied music history, theory, and analysis with Karlheinz Straetmanns, a composer in

Erik Emil Eskildsen

Erik Emil Eskildsen is an experimental guitarist and composer specialized in free improvisation, originally from Denmark but living in Vienna, Austria since 2012. 

U10 – Transparent Purple

This is a U10 with high-gloss transparent purple finish. This is an awesome finish, however, it’s very hard to photograph, and it looks mostly black in these photos. 🙂 Photos by Michaela Fessel.

U8 – Nextel Orange

U8 with a rare custom Nextel finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel.

Zweiton – Form

released 01 May 2012 alexander dowerk: touch guitar, electronics, programming

U8 – Transparent Cherry (Lefty)

U8 with classic high-gloss transparent cherry finish. Our most popular finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel.

U8 Deluxe – Fiesta Red

This is a U8 Deluxe with custom Fiesta Red finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel.

U10 – Transparent Cherry

U10 with high-gloss transparent cherry finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel

U8 Deluxe – Sunburst

U8 Deluxe with custom finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel.

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter – Colour Division

DiN43 | 2013 | Limited to 500 copies Release date October 8th 2013

U8 Deluxe – Java Green Metallic

U8 Deluxe with custom finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel.


In over 20 years of live playing and intense studying, Markus Reuter has developed a systematic approach to playing the Touch Guitar that he calls “The Family”. It consists of a set of interrelated exercises that facilitate ergonomic, relaxed performance while covering all aspects of playing the fretboard.


Written by Markus Reuter, July 1997 Performed by Alexander Dowerk & Markus Reuter, August 2010 This piece is an arpeggio study across 7 strings with the fingers strictly alternating between the R and L hand. In addition to the co-ordination and stretched positions of the fingers, the most challenging aspect is that all notes are

Specimen 13 – Echosystem

Denis Rodier (drums & visuals) and ex-Talisma Martin Vanier (guitar) are the core of Specimen13. They have the honour of having friends helping out in shaping their vision: Trey Gunn, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter to name a few.