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Blog: January 2023

It is time for some impressions from the workshop at Markus Kirchmayr‘s (www.markusguitars.at) place in Innsbruck. This time we finished the first multiscale instruments. It is such a cozy place, so what‘s next up on the desk.- U8 Deluxe with padauk top- AU8 redesign with a koa top and bog oak fretboard- U8 Deluxe in

T8 – walnut, swamp ash, plumwood

Custom as custom can get – this guitar is strange. For this build Trey Gunn was asking to have a wider neck. He’s mainly playing it on his lap like a lapsteel position. He asked for some “meat” to rest his thumbs on the side of the neck so we took a 10 string neck

AU8 – cedar, walnut, zebrano

We are so happy to announce the very first updated semi-hollow AU8. There is a lot of stuff happening on this instrument beside this beautiful walnut body, cedar top and zebrawood fretboard and bridge. Let me try to summarize: – Cycfi Research Inc. Nu Multi Pickup which allows to process each string separately through a

U10 – two tone red

U10 in the house with a beautiful vintage finish. Do you like it?Our new V2 pickups are available as an option without additional charge. Just a more familiar sound for some of you. #u10#10stringguitar#touchguitars#surfboard • swamp ash body • satin two tone red finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods vintage tinted • ebony

U8 – satin black open pores

“Back in black” Our customers love the open pore finishes. We still remember the days where Markus Reuter said “I don’t want to do a black guitar”. Now there are some amazing black instruments out there. What do you think?#touchguitars#u8#extendedrangeguitar#8stringsguitar#backinblack#blvckwork • swamp ash body • open pore satin black finish • 3-piece maple neck with

U8 – transparent red flamed maple

There is no production run without a red guitar. This time with a flamed maple top and natural swamp ash body. The color is just amazing or as some customers would say: “Feierspeck has a new brother” #touchguitars#u8#8string#extendedrangeguitar#birdseyemaple • swamp ash body • flamed maple top • high gloss transparent red finish • 3-piece maple

U8 – blue burst flamed maple

Could it be a year for blue guitars? We build this one with a beautiful flamed maple top, wenge neck and purple heart fretboard. Such a great combination. You will hopefully see it on stage with Saltatio Mortis , soon played by Bruder Frank (Saltatio Mortis) . Thanks for trusting us. #touchguitars #saltatiomortis #u8 #8stringsguitar

U8 – blue burst alder

The first pics from the November run. A classic burst with maple neck and ebony. Looks classy. #touchguitars #u8 #extendedrangeguitar #8stringsguitar • alder body • high gloss blue burst finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods • ebony fretboard • chrome hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Delano SBC HE/S pickup • Volume

U8 Custom – Collaboration Project with Vuorensaku and Greuter Audio

This project is very special. Stefan met Saku Vuori of Vuorensaku guitars at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim. While having a whisky we recognized that a friend, luthier and Touch Guitar player Jaakko Peltonen is working for Saku. Such a surprise. So we decided to make an aged Touch Guitar since Saku is an expert

Tony Levin

Bass player Tony Levin is a living legend. His most notable bass playing albums and tours have been with: Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Buddy Rich, Peter Frampton, Gotye, Carly Simon, Judy Collins, Paula Cole, Chuck Mangione, Steven Wilson, James Taylor, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe.  Solo albums: World

U10 – sunburst

Another U10. This is one for those vintage fans. This tobacco burst finish on an alder body is a classic so we also added a binding to the fretboard to match the classic look. What do you think?70s style U10 sounds crazy but it rocks. • alder body • high gloss finish • 3-piece maple

U10 – satin red

It seems that we set a trend with the satin red and black finishes. This is the first beautiful U10 with a custom 5th/4th tuning. Feels amazing. One of two satin red guitars we did in the last run. • swamp ash body • satin red finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods and

U10 – salmon padauk

On this U10 custom the customer was open to try something special and he asked what kind of tops we have on stock. There was one last unique piece of salmon padauk. We used it on this amazing U10 build. This time Tommy from Gezeichneteslicht visited us at our office. He is responsible for all

U10 – cream white

This U10 shows another classic finish. Cream white. Such a beauty and again sth. for the vintage fans. • alder body • high gloss cream white finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods • ebony fretboard with mother of pearl inlays • chrome hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Sperzel locking tuners •

U8 – turquoise nordstrand

Made as a matching color for the orange one. • alder body • turqoise high gloss finish • 3-piece maple neck • maple fretboard with black binding • black hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Touch Guitars® locking tuners • Norstrand pickup • Volume / Tone • passive electronics • Tuning: Bb F C

U8 – swamp ash natural

The customer asked “What is the most basic U8 you can do?” and here it is. Swamp ash, maple, ebony. A really classy natural look. • swamp ash body • natural satin finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods• ebony fretboard with mother of pearl inlays • black hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system

U8 – swampash satin red

Another satin red Touch Guitar hanging on our office wall. This time it is a U8 with a stunning birdseye maple fretboard. We do so many red guitars that we always start to hear a common King Crimson tune in our heads when it is finished. • swamp ash body • satin red finish •

U8 – orange

What about some really colourful orange … do you like it? • alder body • orange high gloss finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods and dark veneer• maple fretboard with black binding • black hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Touch Guitars® locking tuners • Touch Guitars® custom pickup • Volume /

U8 – greyburst padauk

This is a special guitar was initially planned as one of the rare stock instruments. Some months ago Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater wrote to us and told us that he wants to learn Touch Guitar so this one arrived at Jordans home some weeks ago. Currently he is doing solo piano shows and he

U8 – eye popular

This U8 was another special request. The customer said he has really big hands and needs a 34″ scale length guitar tuned E A D G C F A D. He does not want to tap just likes the clean sound and the size. So we did this U8 with a slightly higher string height

U8 Deluxe – Plumwood Maple Lefty

Why does this look weird? It is a beautiful lefty U8 Deluxe made for aNDREmu .He asked for a plumwood fretboard so we did matching pickups, too. Since all U8 Deluxe guitars are custom made and like all Touch Guitars build to order there is no additional charge for left handed models. Check out Andre’s

U8 – black korina

Black korina is such a beautiful wood. The customer asked for a natural finish and and cream binding. We love the grain of this body piece. This guitar will stay in Germany. Thanks to Martin Peitz for your support. • black korina body • natural high gloss finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods

U8 – 3/8 fretless White Ebony

Can it get more special than this order?This 3/8 fretless U8 is so unique. Beside the gorgeous white ebony fretboard it has a very special pickup made by our friends at Cycfi Research Inc. . This pickup is full range which sounds strange at first since the sound is almost acoustic. The tone-block knobs on

T8 Greyburst Plumwood

Seems that beside red we stablished another classic with flamed maple tops coloured in grey burst. Always amazing to see how the horns of the T8 model blend into the body because of the shaping. This T8 is on its way to the UK. • cherry body • flamed maple top• grey burst finish •