Blog: 29 July 2016

It is time to send a blog from the workshop.

Wood choices

All our Touch Guitars® U8, U10 and U8 Deluxe models are made of premium quality mahagony wood. With the AU8 model that we developed in 2014 we set the value on local woods. The result was so amazing that we decided to offer different wood choices also for our U8, U10 and U8 Deluxe models. We have several pieces of beautiful local woods in stock. Just ask for availability.

from left to right: Mahagony, Korina, Swamp Ash, Walnut
from left to right: Mahagony, Korina, Swamp Ash, Walnut

Semi hollowed bodies

With our AU8 model we recognized that a semi hollowed body does not only have an incredible sound. It also feels different. We have chosen to offer a semi-hollowed body as an option for all models. When you order your instrument until the end of this year we can offer the option for free.


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