Release: Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar 2

The making of this album, the successor to the first Fractal Guitar album, has been quite an adventure during quite a unique time in history. The journey started (although I didn’t know it at the time) on November 2, 2019 in Oakland, California, when Henry, Chris, Andy and I were recording tracks at MegaSonic studio. When I returned to Zürich, the world as we knew it soon changed drastically due to the quickly spreading Coronavirus. While it was a time to rethink the values that had governed our lives, it was also (thanks to the wonders of the internet) a disguised opportunity to record an album in lockdown.

As with the first Fractal Guitar album, I owe a great deal to all the fantastic musicians who play on this album, this time especially to Jon, Barry, Andi and Markus. Special thanks to Tim Motzer, Michael Manring and Bill Laswell, who were all part of this project, but only appear on “Fractal Guitar 2 Remixes”, a companion album also soon available on this Bandcamp channel. Further thanks to my friend Anil Prasad, who introduced me to at least half the musicians on this album, to the Muir family for their generous hospitality at a time when traveling was still possible and to Leonardo “Moonjune” Pavkovic for continuous and unwavering support.

Stephan Thelen, Zürich, September 2020

Side note: You hear different Touch Guitars models all throughout the album.



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