S8 – walnut, flamed maple, plumwood greyburst

“Can you build everything crazy in one guitar?”We are so happy that Alexander Paul Dowerk came to us with this request. As one of the early players he is an undisputed master of the 8-string Touch Guitar and with Anchor and Burden he also recorded the first album with this instrument some days ago.What is it?

This special S8 guitar is the top of the line model. We designed the pickup system together with Joel de Guzman of Cycfi Research Inc. All pickups with a bar magnet are full range pickups which sound almost acoustic. These are switched with a standard 5-way wiring. After these there is a tone block where you can adjust the frequencies of this full range pickup to your needs so it can sound like almost every guitar or bass on the planet.

After this pickup system we use the Darkglass Electronics tone capsule as usual on the S8 model. So there are endless sounds in the monophonic pickup territory.The second pickup (next to the neck) is a Nu Multi 8 pickup. These are eight different pickups that allow multi string processing. With the other output on the photos (called lemo) you go into a breakout box (the NEXUS box) and can process each string separately. You can pan those differently, use different effects on each string and and and …. it is up to you. To power the whole thing we use the Fishman battery pack again that will last about 400 hours with one charge and shows you with a led when there is a few hours left. Enough to do the gig and charge it afterwards. All in all the perfect instrument!! Alex will also do some demo videos and sound samples, soon.

• walnut body • flamed maple top • satin greyburst finish • 1-piece plumwood neck with carbon rods • plumwood fretboard with abalone inlays • chrome custom hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • 3x Cycfi Spectra pickups with tone block • 1x Cycfi Multichanne Nu8 pickup• Fishman battery pack with USB charger • Darkglass Electronics tone capsule• Volume / 5-way switch / mid high / mid low / bass • Tuning: Bb F C G D A C D


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