U8 – afzelia, swamp ash

Now sth. completely different. This beautiful afzelia top was in our workshop since years. Now it has finally been added to this beautiful U8. There are still some tops of this plank available. Absolutely gorgeous!
As some of you might know there is a Three of a Perfect Pair Music Camp at the catskill mountains where Stick Men (Official) and ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO are sharing their music for a week once a year. We met the customer there and it is so cool to have customers that are open for new ideas and wood combinations. Thanks Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarria.
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• swamp ash body • afzelia top with dark veneer • natural satin finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods and veneer • ebony fretboard • black hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Delano SBC HE/S pickup • Volume / Tone • Tuning: Bb F C G D A C D


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