T8 – Comic Edition feat. Denis Rodier

Time for the big bang!!!The first collaboration guitar for 2021 is ready. Comic Artist Denis Rodier made this beautiful artwork in prog noir…. ah sorry…. film noir style. He also did Superman and Wonder Woman from DC Comics. It fits perfectly on this T8. We added the handmade BANG inlay to match the scene. One […]

U8 Kemper green

A lot of you might know that we are good friends with the guys from Kemper Amps. We did this beautiful green U8 to match the Profiler and their new cabinets. Some pics will follow. This one will finally be added to CEO Christoph’s personal collection, soon. • swamp ash body • Kemper green satin […]

U10 Deluxe seafoam burst

Another U10 Deluxe. The customer asked for the U8 Deluxe shaping on the 10-string. Since we are a custom shop this was no big deal. It tuned out to be one of the most comfortable and ergonomic 10-string tapping instruments we ever did. After building this guitar we decided to finally have a U10 Deluxe. […]

S8 apple, plumwood natural

We love it when customers are open for unique wood. This beautiful apple top was part of the workshop since before Touch Guitars® even existed. So much the better that we finally used it on one of our S8 models. Combined with local walnut and plumwood it is an amazing wood combination.For the electronics we […]

U8 3-tone burst 3/8 fretless

Our “Frankenstein” Edition of the U8. We used parts we had in stock for a long time to make this one and it turned out to be wonderful with this vintage nitro finish. We also made the first three strings fretless and used the prototype of pickups made by Chris Rübezahl Weißenfels. It really works […]

S8 purple stain

The customer asked for a light purple. We we a little bit sceptical in the beginning but then we got the wonderful stain. Amazing how the wood looks with that stain. It is also the first time we used Alumitones by Lace Pickups in combination with the Darkglass Electronics tone capsule. What a huge sounding […]