Blog: January 2023

It is time for some impressions from the workshop at Markus Kirchmayr‘s ( place in Innsbruck. This time we finished the first multiscale instruments. It is such a cozy place, so what‘s next up on the desk.- U8 Deluxe with padauk top- AU8 redesign with a koa top and bog oak fretboard- U8 Deluxe in […]

T8 – walnut, swamp ash, plumwood

Custom as custom can get – this guitar is strange. For this build Trey Gunn was asking to have a wider neck. He’s mainly playing it on his lap like a lapsteel position. He asked for some “meat” to rest his thumbs on the side of the neck so we took a 10 string neck […]

AU8 – cedar, walnut, zebrano

We are so happy to announce the very first updated semi-hollow AU8. There is a lot of stuff happening on this instrument beside this beautiful walnut body, cedar top and zebrawood fretboard and bridge. Let me try to summarize: – Cycfi Research Inc. Nu Multi Pickup which allows to process each string separately through a […]

U10 – two tone red

U10 in the house with a beautiful vintage finish. Do you like it?Our new V2 pickups are available as an option without additional charge. Just a more familiar sound for some of you. #u10#10stringguitar#touchguitars#surfboard • swamp ash body • satin two tone red finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods vintage tinted • ebony […]

U8 – satin black open pores

“Back in black” Our customers love the open pore finishes. We still remember the days where Markus Reuter said “I don’t want to do a black guitar”. Now there are some amazing black instruments out there. What do you think? #touchguitars #u8 #extendedrangeguitar #8stringsguitar #backinblack #blvckwork • swamp ash body • open pore satin black finish • 3-piece maple neck with […]

U8 – transparent red flamed maple

There is no production run without a red guitar. This time with a flamed maple top and natural swamp ash body. The color is just amazing or as some customers would say: “Feierspeck has a new brother” #touchguitars#u8#8string#extendedrangeguitar#birdseyemaple • swamp ash body • flamed maple top • high gloss transparent red finish • 3-piece maple […]

U8 – blue burst flamed maple

Could it be a year for blue guitars? We build this one with a beautiful flamed maple top, wenge neck and purple heart fretboard. Such a great combination. You will hopefully see it on stage with Saltatio Mortis , soon played by Bruder Frank (Saltatio Mortis) . Thanks for trusting us. #touchguitars #saltatiomortis #u8 #8stringsguitar […]

U8 – blue burst alder

The first pics from the November run. A classic burst with maple neck and ebony. Looks classy. #touchguitars #u8 #extendedrangeguitar #8stringsguitar • alder body • high gloss blue burst finish • 3-piece maple neck with carbon rods • ebony fretboard • chrome hardware • Jim Dunlop Straplok system • Delano SBC HE/S pickup • Volume […]