DiM13NSiON – Rugami

This album is the companion to DiM13NSiON’s (pronounced Dimension Thirteen) Imagur, their first album. Both released in the same year, the duo planned those 2 albums together. They are linked in many ways but are mirrors to each other, Imagur and Rugami.

Where Imagur was dark and contemplating human machinery and our effect on the world, Rugami is lighter in tones, more positive and contemplative. It represents the natural world that we live in, in its state of bliss. The duo wanted to focus on the breath of fresh air that nature provides us when we’re in the middle of it with no roads, machines and any human technology around us. You can hear the insects, the sun, the radiance of Summer. Another step forward for DiM13NSiON, who are already looking at new sounds and textures.

The tracks were composed the same way as Imagur, via spontaneous composition and picking the tracks that would tell a story when put together. By coincidence, the violin is much more in front on this album, just like the touch guitar took more space in Imagur.

Rugami is the last album of the triptych started with Imagur and followed by Cédric’s Eternity’s Antechamber. All released in 2015, all based in spontaneous compositions. In a way they each explore the primary color on their artwork: yellow for Imagur, blue for Eternity’s Antechamber and red for Rugami.

Recorded between January and August 2015 at rehearsals and shows in Austin TX, both instruments directly into Ableton and heavily effected.

released December 3, 2015

Thomas McGregor: 5-string violin
Cédric Theys: U8 touch guitar
Written by Cédric Theys & Thomas McGregor
Edited, mixed & produced by Cédric Theys
Mastered by Adrian Benavides (www.adrianbenavides.com) at Bilderberg Music & Michael Day at ACE Media

Artwork & design by Cédric Theys



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