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Jaanus Lee Damsgard

Jaanus Lee Damsgard is a Minneapolis based collaborative musician, playing live in the Midwest intermittently since 1992. Returning to music in the early 2000’s with a fascination for extended range touch style instruments, the U8 Deluxe became the natural choice for it’s wide range and great sound throughout. www.soundcloud.com/jaanuslee www.glean.bandcamp.com

Victor Vos

Victor Vos is a musician from Haarlem, The Netherlands. Although mostly known for his fretless bassplaying in, for instance, Yoghurt and Cityzap, in recent years he has applied himself specifically to fullrange tapguitar.


New model AU8 Deluxe for public release in 2015. Top of the line hand-made hollow-body touch guitar with magnetic and piezo pickups and custom electronics, bridge and tailpiece. Stay tuned for details and ordering info. Local Austrian woods used for the instrument pictured: walnut (body), spruce (arched top), maple (3-piece neck), plumwood (fretboard and headstock

Matt Tate

Matt Tate is a Chicago-based musician of 25 years and principally self-taught. Pavlov(3)’s debut album, “Curvature-Induced Symmetry, Breaking…” is his recording debut with the U8 Deluxe Touch Guitar.” www.Pavlov3.com

Cedric Theys

Cédric Theys is a French musician and producer currently living in Austin TX. After playing bass and guitar for close to 20 years, he started using the touch guitar exclusively in the last few years, for soundscapes, experimental & progressive electronic rock. He uses the instrument with guitar and bass techniques as well as touch

Stick Men 2015 World Tour Dates

All upcoming live-shows of their World Tour 2015

Stick Men – Midori – Live in Tokyo 2015

releases 01 July 2015 | Live at Billboard, Tokyo, 10 April 2015, Show 1 & 2

Blast Unicorn – Van Halo

releases 01 April 2015 | Blast Unicorn is the joint project of touch guitarist Alexander Paul Dowerk and electronic musician Tobias Reber.

centrozoon – The Room of Plenty

released 09 November 2014 | a collection of recordings from their We Will Tongue You Tour 2011

Various Artists – Touch Guitars Compilation 2015

released 01 April 2015 | A themed compilation of tracks culled from the wider iapetus portfolio. All titles prominently feature Touch Guitars® instruments: s283314163.online.de

Chris Herb – Oktan

released 01 February 2015 | ‘Oktan’ marks the second solo release by Chris Herb, with a deeper exploration in working with a physical instrument–an 8 string touch guitar–in creating essentially electronic dance music.


SMN1412 | released 21 October 2014 | To wrap up the first 5 years of the band’s existence, Stick Men release a special 2-disc “Anthology” that covers the ‘best of’ the existing release, plus a whole new disc of their totally unique style of experimental rock improv.

The Crimson ProjeKCt – Live in Tokyo

2014 live album the King Crimson spin-off. Featuring the talents of Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter, Julie Slick and Tobias Ralph

Blog: 15 May 2015

Hello, We’ve been very busy in 2014 and created a new model, the wonderful AU8 semi-acoustic 8-string touch guitar. See the pictures below. We take orders as of now.

Markus Reuter – Sultry Kissing Lounge (Crimson ProjeKCt Tour 2014)

IAP1401 | released 08 May 2014 | Live Openings from The Crimson ProjeKCt Spring Tour 2014

Markus Reuter – Quit Being So Gray (Crimson ProjeKCt Tour 2014)

released 01 September 2014 | This download collection features all the opening pieces from the Crimson ProjeKCt European Summer tour 2014.

The Friendly Guitar Trio – Shredding To Hypes

released 17 April 2015 | Shredding To Hypes is the debut album of the Viennese experimental guitar trio; The Friendly Guitar Trio.

U10 – Nextel Orange

U10 with custom matte Orange Nextel finish and chrome hardware. Photos by Michaela Fessel. [Show as slideshow]

U8 Deluxe – Vintage White

U8 Deluxe with high-gloss transparent white finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel. [Show as slideshow]

U8 Custom – Special Blue

U8 with custom finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel. [Show as slideshow] 12►

U8 Deluxe – Transparent Cherry

U8 Deluxe with high-gloss transparent cherry finish. Our most popular finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel. [Show as slideshow]

U8 – Sunburst

New 2014 re-designed U8 with sunburst finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel. [Show as slideshow]

U8 – Natural

New 2014 re-designed U8 with natural finish. Photos by Michaela Fessel. [Show as slideshow]

U8 Deluxe – transparent white

Photos by Michaela Fessel [Show as slideshow]