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Blog: 30 December 2016

Time for a new blog from the workshop. This is where all our instruments are manufactured. Pictures taken by Angela Fischer.

Blog: 29 July 2016

It is time to send a blog from the workshop. Wood choices All our Touch Guitars® U8, U10 and U8 Deluxe models are made of premium quality mahagony wood. With the AU8 model that we developed in 2014 we set the value on local woods. The result was so amazing that we decided to offer

Dean Pascarella

Dean Pascarella is a multi instrumentalist from New York. He currently plays with ex Stick Men Michael Bernier as well as recording his own solo album “Running With Scissors” available on Bandcamp. He is looking forward to adding his U8 to his future recordings and concerts. Bandcamp: https://deanpascarella.bandcamp.com/releasesFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/dean.pascarella

Blog: 26 April 2016

As some of you might know the Touch Guitars® had been developed by Markus Reuter and Ed Reynolds in 2008. The first run of Touch Guitars® was also built by Ed Reynolds. Since this time we constantly searched for the best luthier to build our high quality instruments in Europe. We finally discovered a small

glistening leotard – GL5

<a href=”http://shop.glisteningleotard.de/album/gl5″>GL5 by glistening leotard</a> released April 16, 2016 All songs written and performed by glistening leotard in 2015 jessica näser: vocals andrej henze: guitar ralf gemein: guitar chris herb: touch guitar arthur krol: drums guest performances: violin on restless: leonie ziegner saxophone on green: klaus theißen additional touch guitar on skittish: matt tate synthesizer

DiM13NSiON – Rugami

This album is the companion to DiM13NSiON’s (pronounced Dimension Thirteen) Imagur, their first album. Both released in the same year, the duo planned those 2 albums together. They are linked in many ways but are mirrors to each other, Imagur and Rugami. <a href=”http://store.madducksrecords.com/album/rugami”>Rugami by DiM13NSiON</a> Where Imagur was dark and contemplating human machinery and


Technically sophisticated progressive-rock meets a heavy, sludgy and organic sound, which is – due to a focus on catchy harmony-vocals – still plausible despite dark complexity.