AU8 – cedar, walnut, zebrano

We are so happy to announce the very first updated semi-hollow AU8. There is a lot of stuff happening on this instrument beside this beautiful walnut body, cedar top and zebrawood fretboard and bridge. Let me try to summarize: – Cycfi Research Inc. Nu Multi Pickup which allows to process each string separately through a […]

Jacob Leibeck

Jacob Leibeck is a multi-instrumentalist musician who resides in Lexington, KY. Jacob specializes in crafting challenging polyphonic arrangements for two-handed guitar that combine expressive techniques with inspired sound design. He plays both a U8 in the standard fifths tuning as well a U10 tuned in mirrored fourths. The U10 is Jacob’s performance instrument of choice. […]

U8 Quilted Greenburst

We made this guitar for a customer that absolutely loves quilted maple and we think it turned out to look amazing. The body is made of alder with a greenburst quilted maple top. Neck and fretboard are made of plumwood, a local wood we really love. It has a Delano Pickup which sounds amazing and […]