‘Older than God’ Episode: Touch Guitars®

“OLDER THAN GOD is a non-linear documentary film project that explores the creative life of musician & composer Markus Reuter.” My friend Lee Fletcher started this documentary a few years ago, and so far only 6 episodes have been released. This particular one here is about the beginnings of Touch Guitars® and the U8. OLDER […]

Stick Men – Big Dog

Stick Men – Big Dog, Live at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock. Excerpt from the 64-minute film ‘A little deeper’ by Jack Casadone. From Stick Men’s upcoming ‘Deep’ 2-disc CD/DVD edition. Filmed, directed and edited by Jack Casadone Recording and mixing engineer: Robert Frazza   Stick Men – Big Dog, Live at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock from Unsung […]


In over 20 years of live playing and intense studying, Markus Reuter has developed a systematic approach to playing the Touch Guitar that he calls “The Family”. It consists of a set of interrelated exercises that facilitate ergonomic, relaxed performance while covering all aspects of playing the fretboard.


Written by Markus Reuter, July 1997 Performed by Alexander Dowerk & Markus Reuter, August 2010 This piece is an arpeggio study across 7 strings with the fingers strictly alternating between the R and L hand. In addition to the co-ordination and stretched positions of the fingers, the most challenging aspect is that all notes are […]